Muz tv (2006) 01. T.A.T.U. "All About Us"
02. T.A.T.U. "Nas ne dogonjat"
03. Kristina Orbakajte "Vse snachala"
04. Sergej Lazarev "Dazhe, esli ty ujdesh"05.... [Additional description]




Truth (2009) Tatu - Truth - Live In St. Petersburg

The DVD also includes previously unseen footage from the Russian reality show t.A.T.u. Expedition. The only down side to this DVD is that there are no English subtitles. The only available subtitles are in Japanese. Also, the only way to purchase this item is through However if you are a fan of t.A.T.u. you will not be disapointed with this DVD. The music is good to listen to live and its fun to watch the girls in their everyday lives rehearsing and just being themselves. A great item to add to your personal t.A.T.u. collection.

Live in St. Petersburg is truly enjoyable to watch for all t.A.T.u. fans. Even though they are not the best performers, it is still fun to watch how they love being on stage and interacting with the audeience.

Truth: Live in St. Petersburg is truly enjoyable to watch for all t.A.T.u. fans. Even though they are not the best performers, it is still fun to watch how they love being on stage and interacting with the audeience. This DVD is great as the setlist includes:

Show Intro
Dangerous and Moving (Ludi Invalidi)
All About Us
Loves Me Not
We Shout (Nichya)
Friend or Foe
Obezyanka Nol
Show Me Love
How Soon Is Now?
Not Gonna Get Us (Nas Ne Dogonyat)
Ne Ver', Ne Boisya, Ne Prosi
All The Things She Said (Ya Soshla S Uma)




Truth (Edited) 01) Show
Ludi Invalidi
All About Us
Love Me Not
Friend Or Foe
Chto Ne Hvataet
Obezyanka Nol
Novaya Model

Show Me Love
How Soon Is Now ?
30 Minut
Nas Ne Dogoniat
Ne ver, Ne Boisya, Ne Prosi
Ya Shosla S Uma
Dangerous And Moving
PS: Todos legendados em inglês.

02) Bônus Expedition
t.A.T.u. Expedition
PS: 8 Episódios legendados em inglês (os mesmos do oficial).

03) Bônus D&M Videos
All About Us
Ludi Invalidy
Friend or Foe
Loves Me Not
PS: Qualidade excelente, sem legendas.



t.A.T.u. - Remixes DVD [Partes Grandes] I. Music Videos
1. Ya Soshla S Uma
2. Ya Soshla S Uma (remix)
3. Nas Ne Dogonyat
4. 30 Minut
5. Prostiye Dvizhenya
6. All The Things She Said
7. All The Things She Said (remix)
8. Not Gonna Get Us
9. Not Gonna Get Us (remix)
10. 30 Minutes
11. How Soon Is Now?
II. Live Performance at MUZ TV – 2003 Award:
1. Ne Ver, Ne Boisya
2. Nas Ne Dogonyat
III. Photo Gallery



t.A.T.u. - Anatomy [FULL DVD] English Subtitles
Depois de baixar todas as 29 partes façam 2 pastas.
Coloque todos os arquivos em uma pasta de titulo: VIDEO_TS,
Depois renomeie a outra pasta para AUDIO_TS e deixe ela vazia.
Pronto. Agora é só criar um DVD de dados juntando as duas pastas como diretório principal.
No programa ConvertXtoDVD é só ir em Gravar projeto já convertido e escolher a pasta que contem as duas (VIDEO_TS + AUDIO_TS).



t.A.T.u. - High Quality Videos Ya Sosla S Uma /Thumbs
All The Things She Said / Thumbs
All The Things She Said [Remix] / Thumbs
Not Gonna Get Us / Thumbs
Not Gonna Get Us [Remix] / Thumbs
Show Me Love / Thumbs
30 Minutes / Thumbs
How Soon Is Now / Thumbs
Prostie Dvizhenia / Thumbs
All About Us [Uncensored] / Thumbs
All About Us [Remix] / Thumbs
Friend Or Foe / Thumbs
Friend Or Foe [Remix] / Thumbs
Gomenasai [With Tags, but the quality is perfect] / Thumbs
Gomenasai [Anime] /Thumbs
Ludi Invalidy / Thumbs
Loves Me Not[Bridge TV / With Tags, But This quality is perfet too] / Thumbs
Beliy Plaschik [Censured] / Thumbs
Beliy Plaschik [Uncensured] / Thumbs
220 / Thumbs


t.A.T.u. Life Documentary [+SUBTITLES]  English Subtitles

t.A.T.u. LIFE Part1 Yulia's Doctrine subs
t.A.T.u. LIFE Part2 You & I Concert subs
t.A.T.u. LIFE Part3 Lena Katina's Wardrobe subs
t.A.T.u. LIFE Part4 Yulia's Civil Marriage subs
t.A.T.u. LIFE Part5 New Album subs
t.A.T.u. LIFE Part6 Lena And Yulia In Poland On Viva Comet Awards subs
t.A.T.u. LIFE Part7 Foto For Fans subs
t.A.T.u. LIFE Part8 Kleptomania subs
t.A.T.u. LIFE Part9 The Dog Life Of Lena Katina subs


Screaming for More All The Things She Said :
- Vídeo
- Russian Version (Ya Shola S Uma)
- Remix Video
Not Gonna Get Us :
- Video
- Russion Version (Nas Ne daDagoniat)
- Remix Video
30 Minutes (Video)
How Soon Is Now (Video)
Behind The Scenes with Julia and Lena (Part1 / Part2 / Part3)
Performance/ Rehearsal Footage:
- MTV Europe Awards Countdown Performance
- Not Gonna Get Us Rehearsal


Videos 2001-2009 Videofelvételek 2001-től 2009-ig

Divine A legjobb felvételek válogatása

t.A.T.u. összes MP3 tömörítés - dupla DVD-n

t.A.T.u.- expedition A legendás dokumentum film, angol felirattal.

Performances (Double DVD) 52 db. élő -és stúdió felvétel, videóklip

Performances 40 db.élő -és stúdió felvétel, videóklip
01 Ya Soshla S Uma 1st perf 2000.mpg
02 Ya Soshla S Uma Babiy Bunt 2001.mpg
03 Nas Ne Dogonyat Babiy Bunt 2001.mpg
04 Ya Tvoya Ne Pervaya Poland 2002.avi
05 A T T S S Swedish Music Awards 2002.mpg
06 Clowns PepsiChart 2002.mpg
07 Zachem Ya Germany 2002.mpg
08 Not Gonna Get Us TOTP 2002.mpg
09 Show Me Love Grigori 2002.avi
10 Malchik Gay MTV Poland 2003.avi
11 How Soon Is Now German TOTP 2003.mpg
12 Not Going To Get Us Mtv Movie Awards 2003.mpg
13 All The Things She Said CD UK 2003.mpg
14 How Soon Is Now TOTP 2003.avi
15 Nas Ne Dogonyat Muz-tv awards 2003.mpg
16 Ne Ver Ne Boisya Muz-tv awards 2003.mpg
17 All The Things She Said USA Mtv 2003.mpg
18 Not Gonna Get Us TOTP 2003.mpg
19 Ya Soshla S Uma Bomba Goda 2003.mpg
20 Not Gonna Get Us Bomba Goda 2003.mpg
21 All The Things She Said Trevor Horn 2004.mpg
22 Nichya Gorky Concert 2004 .mpg
23 Show Me Love Gorky Concert 2004 .mpg
24 Obezyanka Nol Muz-TV Awards 2005.avi
25 All About Us NRJ Cine Awards 2005.mpg
26 All The Things She Said Japan 2005.avi
27 Dangerous and Moving Mexico 2005.mpg
28 Obezyanka Nol Mexico 2005.mpg
29 A T T S S Hungary Music Awards 2006.mpg
30 All About Us MuzTV Awards 2006.mpg
31 Cho Ne Hvataet Lithuania 2006.mpg
32 Friend or Foe Hungary Music Awards 2006.mpg
33 Gomenasai TRL Awards Milan 2006.MPG
34 Lyudi Invalidy Krasnoe Leto 2006.mpg
35 Nas Ne Dogonyat MuzTV Awards 2006.mpg
36 Friend or Foe Popworld 2006.mpg
37 Polchasa GQ Awards 2006.mpg
38 All About Us MK ZD 2007.mpeg
39 220 Italy 2008.mpg
40 White Robe Poland 2008.mpg


The Videos Collection 22 db. video és 7 db. koncertfelvétel.



 (English subtittle)

Videomix (Double DVD) I.Fesztivál,Gála - Live - Tv-fellépések-Videomix

II. Extra - Unpublished - Interview - Meeting - Promo - News

Videoclips (2 DVD) Videoklipek és Koncertfelvételek

Podnebesnaya DVD CONTENT


The Best Videos:
01. Gomenasai
02. Gomenasai (Animated)
03. How Soon Is Now?
04. Ludi Invalidi
05. All About Us (explicit version)
06. All About Us
07. Friend Of Foe

Remix Videos:
01. All the Things She Said (Remix)
02. Not Gonna Get Us (Remix)
03. All About Us (Remix)
04. Friend Of Foe (Remix)

Making Ofs:
01. All About Us (The Making Of)
02. Friend Of Foe (The Making Of with Sting)
03. Gomenasai (The Making Of The Song with Richard Carpenter)

Live In Concert At Glam As You (Paris, France):
01. All About Us
02. Not Gonna Get Us
03. Obez'yanka Nol'
04. Loves Me Not
05. All The Things She Said

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